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10 suprises for every new married couple

10 surprises for every new married couple

Yes, marriage can be full of surprises for those who are not ready for it or who do not know the full reality of marriage and its future impacts. The major concern for each one of us is to get married and be settled and once this target has been accomplished, we begin to discover lots of things that make us doubt the success of our marriage and its continuity. Therefore, there are 10 surprises that each married couple should know to increase their happiness and settlement.
The first surprise:
Sometimes the married person feels lonely although the other partner and the children are around. That is common in all marriages. It doesn’t mean that the marriage is not happy or the social side is lacking, but feeling lonely is sometimes a normal emotion.
The second surprise:
Sometimes the married person feels cold and doesn’t feel the “exciting love” towards the other partner. This is as well a common matter in all marriages, the continuance of the strong and high-leveled love is something impossible and the soul has its approach and its retreat as the emotional feelings gets through tide and ebb.
The third surprise:
The changes that might occur on the married couple’s interests, appearance, hobbies or reading, is natural in every human being and is a sign of growing, maturing and changing. Neither partner should deny this change.
The forth surprise:
The couple doesn’t have to agree on everything between them in family life. Some couples get bothered by the frequent conflicts in opinions. That is something normal and exists in all marriages as it’s a part of the human nature .but true happiness lies within learning how to deal with conflicts.
The fifth surprise:
The married couple clash when they discover that not every problem has a solution, and that’s a big surprise for them as they were expecting that they would have the ability to handle problems and forgot that “Time” is usually part of the therapy.
The sixth surprise:
Sometimes, the couple goes through a phase where there’s no physical contact between them for a number of weeks.
That leads them to feel tense and sometimes a partner may think of ending the marriage, without realising that this is a common occurrence between married couples stemming from the individuals feelings and circumstances at the time.
The seventh surprise:
Each person thinks that s/he can hide things from their partner, but surprisingly that most of the hidden truths and secrets get discovered by the other over time and this occurs in most marriages.
The eighth surprise:
The couple usually thinks that married days and nights should be full of happiness, joy and pleasure and they get shocked when they find out that the days actually fluctuate between sweetness and bitterness. This is a phase that every marriage has to go through.
The ninth surprise:
Each one of the couple thinks that s/he is more devoted than the other partner and when they speak about it, they find out that the other partner thinks the same about s/himself.! And this is another phase that all marriages have to go through.
However, the unlimited devotion and sacrifice are necessary for the couple’s happiness from the beginning of the marriage till its end.
The tenth surprise:
We’ll leave it to the reader to write about her/his own experience and what has been discovered by him/her as a surprise. What has been written in this article is based on actual observation and experience in dealing with married couples. If each couple is prepared for these surprises, then their marriages will be full of joy and contentment.
Traslated by: Boushra Team

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