Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Health Status - Pre requisit of marriage.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rehem.

In Islam, when your thinking of marrying a person you have to be honest and verbal about your own health problems if any, this is fard. One can not hide their health problems to their future husband/wife because it may cause problems in the future.

 From experiance i can say that when your not told the truth and after 13 months you then find out the thruth about your spouse, it hurts very deeply. When i married i did not hide any health facts but the other spouse did. I thought for endless nights because i did not understand why i was not able to get pregnant. It was not untill after health checks for both of us, trips to Dr's offices, blood tests and more that i found out that i was able to have children and i shouldnt have been worried from the begining as the health problem was not from my side.

 If a man is sterile, he should tell his wife to be. Parents of both the bride and groom have to give health information upfront not hide it from their child and future inlaws.

Do not cheat your spouse to be & make sure both parties are checked for sickness before marriage contracts are signed. Marriage is not a joke and nor is hurting other peoples health and lives.

Fear Allah in your actions & seek treatment when needed. Allahu alim.

Ulama have spoken on this topic in depth, there are many articals available online for muslim youth to read. If your uncertain of your own health, please do get blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases, fertility and genetic diseases.

Allah knows best and Allah. AsghfirAllah if i have stated wrongly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Define Marriage

Marriage is .......

Open Communication
Co operation
Comprehension & acknowledgement of spouses emotions
Love, pure and clean

Marriage is NOT ....

Abuse in any form... mental, emotional, physical, psychological, financial or sexual.
A game
A joke
A reason to try and prove yourself to the society that your not what they think you are.

Many a wise people have written books to both men & women explaining how to treat one another, its truly the dumb egoist who doesn't read them. GET READING.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you to Kiara2.blogspot.com

Thank You sister for your support

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Marrying blood relations.

Marrying Blood Relations

Click the link above to read the artical.

Principles of Marriage Family Ethics by Professor Ibrahim Amini.

 This is a book that knocked the socks off my feet.
A book that shows soo much respect to a woman that it made me change my thoughts about alot of things in life and how i have experianced many a situations that left me with a negative mark on my heart due to the lack of experiance on ther peoples parts.

Having studied Fiqh ul Nikah for four years early on in reverting to islam, such topics are not new to me..this book is refreshing and gives examples of both men and women's behaviour and how this behaviour can cause divorce and also how positive behaviour can create peace and serenity in marriage.

Enjoy reading !!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Unislamic advice given in UAE

UAE nationals advised not to marry foreign women
The UAE nationals have been advised not to marry foreign women due to social, legal and financial complications which arise following such marriages, said a renowned lawyer.

Speaking at the Noor Dubai Radio, Isa bin Haider, CEO of Bin Haider Advocates & Legal Consultants in the UAE, said a large number of cases are pending before the courts due to such marriages.

He pointed out that the young men marry foreign women not to make family but to get rich. But if the husband's income gets depleted, the foreign wives create problems which lead to court cases.

Bin Haider urged the UAE youths to marry the Emarati women who follow the same traditions and customs as men.

He also advised the young nationals not to make big commitments with regard to alimony at the time of marriage and follow the rules.

He said a decree by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, fixed it at Dh50,000 which applies only in case of marriages with the Emirati women.

While the marriages of UAE nationals with foreign women will be subject to what was agreed upon in the marriage contract with regard to alimony.

Bin Haider also informed that the second marriages have additional financial burdens such as leading the young men to deeper debt.

He called for dialogues between couples and urged resorting to solving family problems through discussions and listening to other party’s concerns. He emphasised that if husband listens to wife’s grievances, it will help solve a number of family problems and will lead to a happy life.

According to the National Center for Statistics, most of the marriages by UAE nationals with foreign wives end in divorce. For instance, there were 1,798 marriages with foreigners in UAE last year, and 695, or 39 per cent, of these marriages had ended in divorce.


Monday, February 06, 2012

New arrivals coming soon

After Having this blog for years now, I feel it's time to start putting more info on it from broader views of Muslims world wide and not only a selected few from Saudi ulama. Refreshing ilm about nikah is vital in keeping the marriage youthful and happy. Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating this year ! ❤

Monday, January 23, 2012

Duas related to marriage & children


The importance of Fiqh.